Engaging Audiences Through Screen Experience

In the live & experiential sector, it’s difficult to realise concepts requiring bespoke software. We’re the one-stop-shop for design & development of mobile-first software powering:

  • Audience Analytics

  • AI-Powered Screens

  • Social-Media Visualisations

  • Second-Screen Interactions

  • Live Multi-Media

  • Multi-Screen Strategies


Audience Analytics

The absence of analytics for experiential events can make conversations about ROI difficult. Our audience-analytics reports are game-changers because your interactions will be designed to reveal insight

AI-Powered Screens

Audiences want to participate in creating the narrative around their experience. We take this to the next level by transforming conversations into visuals: powering experiences ranging from virtual-debates to augmented-entertainments.

Social-Media Visualisations

Are you looking for creative ways to integrate social-media at an event? Our bespoke visualisations merge social-media & multi-media in realtime, making them applicable to contexts like Cinematic Performances & Festival Popups.

Second-Screen Interactions

Our second-screen platforms facilitate audience participation & engagement. What the audience do (phones) & see (screens) is moderated, so these platforms are suited to Conferences, Debates, Think-Tanks & Virtual-Meetings.

Live Multi-Media Design

If you want to engage & inspire, then content must be to the fore. Taking your content, we ensure all live multi-media is streamlined to fit the screen strategy at your event.

Multi-Screen Strategies

When designing a multi-screen event, curating & scheduling content is a challenge. Our strategies fulfil the competing demands of presentations, notifications, adverts & social-media, ensuring everything gets seen when & where it should be.